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Want to Improve.....

What You Need To Know
We feel very strongly that good basic technique makes for good Tango!

At The Berkshire Tango Club,  developing basic technique is an integral part of an evening session. To achieve this we use popular Tango movements as a fun based vehicles for learning.


Our Techniques classes are divided into two parts:

  • Part 1 - Fundamental Technique; and

  • Part 2 - Advanced Technique.

We recommend that Recent Beginners moving to the Techniques Classes stay initially only for Part 1 until they have completed a further six classes - Part 2 requires concepts introduced in Part 1.


What Will You Learn?:

  • Development of walking technique (essential to good Tango);

  • Different aspects of walking with your partner (parallel feet, same foot, use of heel/ball of foot, projection and emphasis);

  • Enhancements to Backward and Forward Ochos (figures of eight with the feet);

  • Development of Giros (Turns);

  • Introduction to Milonga and Vals (alternative Tango rhythms);

  • Introduction to Adornos (Embellishments);

  • Devlopment of Musicality in Tango;

  • The Codiga and Milonga etiquette (How you ask for, and respond to, an invitation to dance; considerate dancing).


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