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Master Technique

What You Need To Know
We feel very strongly that good basic technique is the basis of being an advanced Tango dancer. Attention to walking technique, posture and embrace will usually resolve most of the problems encountered in attempting to master advanced movements.


At The Berkshire Tango Club developing basic technique is an integral part of an evening session. We use popular Tango movements as a fun based vehicle for learningt.


Our Techniques class is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1 - Fundamental Technique; and

  • Part 2 - Advanced Technique.

This page is devoted to Part 2 of the Techniques Class.

What Will You Learn?

This will include, (amongst other things):

  • Further aspects of walking with your partner (parallel feet, same foot, use of heel/ball of foot, projection and emphasis);

  • Adding Adornos (embellishments) to Backward and Forward Ochos (Figures of Eight);

  • Further development of Giros (Turns) - Molinete, Calesitas, Ajugas, adding Sacadas, etc;

  • Further development of Milonga and Vals techniques;

  • Continuing the development of Musicality in Tango;

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