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Marlow - Mondays





The Pugin Rooms - Main Hall
St. Peter’s Catholic Church,
St. Peter’s Street
Buckinghamshire SL7 1NQ

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Beginners Course (6 Weeks):
Currently Suspended Due to COVID-19
7:30pm - 8:30pm

Cost: £75.00 (in advance)

See dates of Beginners Courses HERE

NB A Practica runs in parallel wih the Beginners Course and is free to those attending a class that evening - otherwise a charge of £5.00 is made 

There is a refreshment break until 8:45pm which provides an opportunity to have a free glass of red or white wine or a cup of coffee, tea or herbal tea and also gives you a chance to make new friends and to chat about Tango.

We tend to leave the music playing in the background for those who want to practice what they have just learnt or to warm up for the Techniques Class that follows immediately afterwards.

Techniques Class:
Part 1: 8:45pm - 9:45pm (Suitable for Recent Beginners)

Part 2: 9:45pm - 10:30pm

Cost: £12.50 per person per night

Part 1 is suitable for people who have at least 3 months of Tango experience or have a completed the red section of an El Amanecer Loyalty Card (6 Stamps).

Part 2 is suitable for people who have at least 3 months of Tango experience or have a completed filled an El Amanecer Loyalty Card (12 Stamps).

The price of this class includes free attendance at Part 1 (which is highly recommended) as well as the free drink of wine, tea or coffee etc.

El Amanecer reserves the right to change the format or pricing of its events without notice if circumstances arise beyond its control

Denise - 07721 190753; Tom - 07889 223338

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