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The Berkshire Argentine Tango Club - El Amanecer

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New Beginners' Courses

You've landed here because you have expressed an interest in learning more about our Argentine Tango Beginners' Courses.
The next Courses last for 8 weeks and run in parallel starting week beginning 15th January 2024 i.e.

Monday, 15th January in Marlow; or
(Click for Directions)
Thursday, 18th January in Reading, Woodley; or
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Friday, 19th January in Reading, Caversham

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Our Beginners' Courses cost £75 in advance.

This is a saving of £25 over our normal charge for classes of £12 per night per person


What Will You Learn?
In our sessions, you will be taught traditional improvised Argentine Tango.


We emphasise Leading and Following, with movements appropriate for social dancing at Milongas (Social Tango events). If you learn with us, you really will be able to dance Tango anywhere in the world! - many of our members have already experienced this including in the city where Tango originated - Buenos Aires!


Tango is a truly amazing dance and, if you take it up, you will become part of a community of people passionate about this dance. However, beware, as you may have heard, it can become addictive!

How Long Will It Take You?
Tango is conceptually a simple dance, being based on walking, lead and follow and improvisation.

So, getting started is relatively easy and a lot of fun.


During our eight week course you will learn:

  • How to walk with your partner (in-line and outside to either side - without stepping on eaach other's toes!);

  • Some step sequences based on 4, 6 and 8 steps to get you started;

  • Backward and Forward Ochos (Steps based on making a figure of eight with your feet);

  • An introduction to Giros (it just means turns!) and Musicality (which is the essence of Tango)

After the Course, it is a lifetime's journey (or as long as you want it to be) to reach the level of competence you desire.


Partners and Special Clothing
It is is not necessary to bring a partner with you or to wear special clothes or shoes. Just wear something that is comfortable.

It is, however, best not to wear trainers as they tend to stick to the floor.

Now, just let me know if you are interested by completing the form opposite or contacting us by phone:
Denise - 07721 190753

Thanks for contacting me!

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